Day 2 after round 1 chemo

Hello πŸ™‚ Just wanted to give an update since we are a bit snowed in here. Shelby got her stitches out a few days ago and the doc is super pleased with how well she is doing and how well she is healing!! She still has a few spots that are healing but her site is looking good otherwise.Β  I think Shelby is just as excited to have the stitches out as we are, lol.

On Monday evening, we took her for her first round of chemo.Β  Her first dose was, Adriamycin (aka doxorubicin). We chose to hold her food til after her injection cause the doc told us she may vomit right after getting her meds. We didn’t have any issues Monday evening, and even gave her a little bit of food once we got her home. I was surprised at how fast he gave the medicine to her. When we went thru chemo with our last lab, who had mass cell tumors, it was a lengthy process that took a few hours for the IV to drip. He did tell us that her next med dose would be in two weeks and it would be cisplatin this time. He intends to alternate the two drugs.Β  Below is a pic taken the evening before we left to go to her first chemo treatment. She always gets so excited to go bye-bye’s, even when its to the vets office, whom I might add have taken a real liken to her. They all spoil her with love when she gets there since she has become such a frequent visitor, lol.

Got my “Sunday best” on and I am ready to go πŸ™‚

I will say, everyone in the docs office, raves about her harness!!! The doc, the techs, they couldn’t say enough great things about it. They like how easy she is to help and how much easier it is to handle her with it on, they even comment about how much added support there is with the “skidplate” as I call it, lol! They always take the pets on leashes and with her, they didn’t even bother, they were that comfortable and happy with the harness to just use it!Kudos to Tripawds for such a remarkable addition for these lovely furbabies <3 <3Β  I chose to add the emblems, because I am a little bit of an overprotective furmomma and don’t want anyone bumping into her and knocking her off balance, so I figure, they can see the warning just in case they don’t notice her beautiful uniqueness πŸ™‚

The day after her meds was a little sketchy πŸ™ It wasn’t as rough as I am sure some have had it so I am very grateful for that. She was tired and didn’t want bothered much Tuesday. I gave her food a little earlier than normal after not giving her much the day before and sadly, while she didn’t vomit, you could see her poor belly wrenching like she wanted to πŸ™ πŸ™Β  Her potty breaks were normal and we didn’t have any issues with those so I will take any little thing we can get, lol. We are on day 2 of post treatment and she seems to be trying to get her spunk back, just isn’t quite there yet.

Doc plans to do bloodwork next visit prior to treatment, to ensure her levels are handling the chemo ok. He also saidΒ the next visit will be a little longer due to the med requirements.

Oh momma…please just let me sleep today


Picture above is from Tuesday morning, she wasn’t feeling up to much πŸ™

Well, that’s about it for now. Time to go enjoy my little superhero for a bit πŸ™‚

Tail wags and kisses for now <3

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  1. She’s doing great!!! She looks good.. albeit sleepy. Did they give you some cerinia for the nausea? It is normal to be a bit tired and want to rest right after the chemo treatments. My Shelby was the same … it’s good for them to get their rest and in a couple days, you’ll see the sparkle again!

    Good luck w/your snow… that sounds COLD!

    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little Jasper too)

    1. Hello πŸ™‚

      When we originally spoke with the doc about stomach meds and things like that, he told us that there were meds in with her chemo so additional meds weren’t needed. Though, when we spoke with him after Shelby’s does the other evening, he didn’t mention putting anything in her med, so I am not sure if he did or not. He just told us the possibility was there so we knew to watch out for it. I am not sure if its one of those things that they give ya when you call and say she is already sick or if its something you can ask for to keep on hand just in case? I am sure if she was vomiting they would give it to me no problem, but I didn’t ask that night because he seemed semi-rushed and she hasn’t actually brought anything back up. Next apt I am going to mention the dry heaving/wrenching and see if he will give me something to keep here at home in case I see her struggling again.

      Shelby isn’t too sure about all this snow, lol. We got about 12-14 inches and its drifting even higher everywhere. Poor girl just doesn’t have it in her yet to fight the snow when its potty time πŸ™

  2. We were given Cerenia to use if needed – nothing is worse that needing medicine at mdnght when your dog is sick and the vet is closed! Just because nothing came up doesn’t mean she isn’t nauseous. I would probably call the vet if this doesn’t clear up tomorrow. She looks great, however! Very stylish in the harness! And the tiredness after chemo is totally normal.

  3. We pretty much had the same chemo protocol as you guys, although we started with cisplatin, if memory serves. the IV drip usually took us about 20 minutes plus the bloodwork before so we were usually done in about an hour. we also didn’t get any stomach meds with the same explanation, meds being in the IV bag. we didn’t really have much of an issue, though either. I only heard about Cerenia here, but maybe you should stack up on it, just in case.
    oh, by the way: Manni handled the Cisplatin better than the doxorubicin so maybe you’re as lucky as we were the next time around, too!
    all the best!!
    tina & Manni

  4. Shelby, you look GORGEOUS in your Tripawd harness! You are quite the fashionista’! πŸ™‚ Of course when you are as pretty as you are, you can make anything look good! πŸ™‚

    Your treatment is different from many of us here. Those who received the four (or more) rounds of Carboplatin were given Cerenia. It sounds like Tina’s Manni had the same protocol as your Shelby with the same comments about the nausea meds being given with the injection.

    Extra treats for Miss Shelby! She’s such a good girl! πŸ™‚
    Keep the good updates AND cute pictures coming!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. If you take a look at my blog,, you may see how similar our dogs look! My boy, Gerry, a rescue I adopted 5 years ago from Texas, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma this September, and we have “hopped” through” the same fences and hurdles that you may be experiencing. The best advice that I ( as a newby to this) have to give, is keep doing small things for yourself, so that you remain Yourself, for your baby. So many days, I would cry/drive myself home to work, and not be a positive influence for Gerry. I had to MAKE myself enjoy some little things for me, even if it meant buying something for HIM. Gerry had 6 rounds of chemo, one every three weeks. He came out clear, and I naturally assumed that meant less meds. I was wrong, and it threw me for a loop. Ask your doctor what to expect “down the line”, as I was naive enough to think we’d be “done” with more meds….and when that wasn’t the case I was surprised. All of this being said, I love the pictures of your baby kissing you! Good luck with your next visit. danielle and Gerry

  6. Super DUPER harness hack Shelby! I think it’s the magic of having two great harnesses that’s helping you rock it on 3 legs!

    I’m so glad to hear she’s handling the chemo pretty well. That method of rotating the two drugs is pretty common so your vet will be in the loop of what, if anything to expect as far as side effects. Looks like Shelby won’t have to worry about that though, she’s doing great!

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