Two weeks post op…

What a crazy two weeks this has been, for both Shelby Lynn and us. In some ways its hard to believe its only been just two weeks and on the other hand it seems like its been longer.  Tomorrow Shelby goes to have her stitches removed, I can honestly say I am not looking forward to that. I worry how bad it will bother her again after finally, today, just starting to seem like it is easing up. She is getting around really well, though she does tire very easy still. I am really hoping that with time and some weight loss, she won’t tucker out so quickly. The weather has been on and off again as far as temps and rain, and tomorrow they are calling for snow and ice, so I don’t know how much she will get to go outside for fresh air. She and her cuddle buddy, Yoda, generally just lounge all day 🙂

Shelby Lynn and Yoda relaxin


On Monday we begin chemo with her. Last time I talked to the doc, he said we will be doing two treatments and the course will take 13 weeks. Monday, she will be given, Doxorubicin, and he said in total she will get 6 doses of that one. Then two weeks later she will be given Carboplatin, which will be off set from the Doxo weeks. I will say, as i am sure many of you here can agree with me at some point, I am very scared. I will fight for her every step of the way, but I find myself questioning which poison running through her body is worse, the chemo or the cancer itself. My only “light at the end of the tunnel”, is knowing that we could very possibly beat this nasty illness. Only time will tell, so while I have time with her, I am going to enjoy every minute of it <3

On good notes though 🙂 She is walking on her ramp, albeit only flat right now, but that’s because I am not ready to risk her at any elevation just yet. With not being able to have her harness on her full time or still worrying about her stitches, I am worried if she would fall.  But she does walk on it with it laying on the floor, so baby steps I guess, lol. It took a few tries but she does well with it. She was really good about letting me try her harness on her and semi fit her with it. She walked around with it on and it didn’t seem to bother since it has a bottom and a top to it.

getting goodies and lovins for trying my new gear on 🙂

We also went outside for a bit and she was finally able to go to the front yard!! YAY!!! You could tell she was happy to have all her normal smells back again. We have been taking her to the backyard only so she didn’t overdue activity, there are 12 steps to go out the front door and only 3 out the back.  Its a little bit of a walk for her from the back yard to the front, but she was more than satisfied when we got there 🙂 Of course, she decided to lie down for a bit while there, but the weather is nice today so she loved the sun.


Well, just wanted to give a little update and post a few pics since she is doing well.  Hopefully the news continues this direction after Monday!

6 days later…

Just wanted to give a little update on Shelby Lynn <3

We are 6 days post op now, and so far we haven’t found anything from 7 days ago that she cant do. We struggle to keep her from jumping, her favorite spot is in our bed with us , so she takes it upon herself to climb on up through out the night while we sleep.  We do try to limit her jumping so we know she wont injury herself, but she gets something in her head and there is nothing or nobody going to stop her.

I have noticed she is hesitant to eat the last day or so, I am not sure if that is due to pain or she is just tired from being so active and still learning.  She used to eat 3/4 of her food as soon as you gave it to her then would pick at the remaining, now she seems uninterested and will pick little bits here and there and still have some the next day. She does take her meds, antibiotic and pain, twice daily, so I am hoping the pain med is strong enough for her. She does take two supplements (vet is ok with them) for immune system to help her fight her battle.

She is moving around good and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in that area. In fact, quite the opposite, we find ourselves guarding her more so she doesn’t fall because of how good she is going.  Her surgical site is healing good, no inflammation or stitches are alarming.

We did order her some fancy new gear, both for her benefit and ours <3 She now has a raised food and water dish, the ruffwear webmaster plus (its put together but not on her yet), and a new ramp to help her get in and out of the vehicles.  I am going to start today working with her on the ramp. I opted to go with one that had heavy rubber and ridges, over the sandpaper lined ones.  Not sure one is better than the other, just a matter of what I think Shelby would be comfortable with and how comfy I feel with using it for her.  Hopefully I can atleast get her walking on it flat and then the goal is to slowly raise it til she is comfortable walking up it with assistance.

Well, that’s all for now…. Hopefully Shelby gives me some good news with this ramp and I can let you guys know how she handled it.